9th Division Black Panthers

2/47th Inf (Mech)

11th Armored Cavalry's Veterans of Vietnam & Cambodia 11th ACR

Doc Pardue's Rice Paddy Stew & Saigon Tea

2/47th Inf (Mech)

I Troop 3d Squadron 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment

I Trp 3/11th ACR

Sgt. Fat's Home Page

B Co. 2/47th Inf (Mech)

Blackhorse Association 11th ACR

Welcome to Binh Phuoc!

2/47th Inf (Mech)

3rd Brigade

Home of the 3/5 Cav. Black Knights 3/5 Cavalry

2nd Battalion, 47 Infantry (Vietnam) Web Site

2/47th Inf (Mech)

11 Cavalry C Troop C Trp 1/11 ACR

47th Infantry Regimental Reunion Web

47th Infantry Regt.

F Troop 2nd Squadron 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment F Trp 2/11th ACR

9th Infantry Division Delta Dawgs

3/47th, 4/47th, 3/60th Inf.(Riverine)

K Troop 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment K Trp 3/11th ACR

5th Infantry Regiment Association

1/5th Inf. (Mech)

Mobile Riverine Force Association MRF

Allen Chaney's Vietnam Combat Infantry Veteran Webpage

1/5th Inf. (Mech)

Bandido Charlie Association 5/60th Inf. (Mech)

1/16th Inf. (Mech)

Order of Battle: 4th Bn (Mechanized) 23rd Infantry Regiment

4/23rd Inf. (Mech)

Vietnam Triple Deuce, Inc. 2/22nd Inf. (Mech)

5th Battalion 60th Infantry Association

5/60th Inf. (Mech)

1st Battalion (Mechanized) 16th Infantry

1/16th Inf. (Mech)

4th Battalion, 47th Infantry

4/47th Inf.(Riverine)

Veteran Interrupted


1st Sqdn 4th Cavalry Quarterhorse Assn of Veterans 1/4th Cavalry

Ramrods 2/2nd Inf.


1/5th Inf.(Mech)

2nd Infantry - Vietnam 2/2nd Inf.


1/4th Cavalry

Tomahawks Association 4/23rd Inf.

1st Battalion 50th Infantry Association

1/50th Inf.(Mech)

"Wildguns" C Troop 11th Cav C/1/11th ACR

2/34th Armor Battalion Laager Site

2/34th Armor

1st Battalion 69th Armor 1/69th Armor

Bravo Company 1st Tank Battalion B/1st Tank, USMC

Steel Tigers 1/77th Armor Association 1/77th Armor

69th Armor Regiment and the Association 69th Armor

3/4 Cavalry Chapter 3/4th Cavalry

5th Division 1/77th Armor 1/77th Armor A Troop 4/12th Cavalry A/4/12th Cavalry
1/1 Cavalry Association 1/1st
2nd Squadron 1st Cavalry Regiment 2/1st Cavalry
12th Cavalry Regiment Association 12th Cavalry F Troop 17th Cavalry F/17th Cavalry
B Troop 2nd of the 17th Cavalry Regiment Association B/2/17 Cavalry H Troop 17th Cavalry H/17 Cavalry
Redcatcher Red's D/17th Cavalry National Association of Medics & Corpsman Medics - All Units
H Co. 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment - Vietnam H/2/11th ACR    


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